Cable Issues 2-Pack 16 AWG Low Profile Proper Perspective Energy Twine


  • Fits popular models of electronic equipment such as a desktop computer, HDTV, LED monitor, ceiling mounted projector, powered speakers, laser printer and more; Male to female right angle to angled power cord connects from a standard 3 pronged 120V AC outlet receptacle to your equipment socketPlug fits behind furniture or a desk close to the wall outlet; Right angle AC power cord plug extends only 1/2 inch from the receptacle; Non-blocking design directs the cord to the right of the receptacle so the bottom outlet is free
  • Has a female port to connect into the back of a computer, monitor, or other equipment with the common recessed C14 plug; 90 degree angle connector directs the cable parallel to the equipment and extends about 1 inch from the equipment; Ideal for tight spaces against a wall with little clearance for the power cable


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