Retro Games: Defeating the Zodiac Bosses in Somer Assault

Video games these days just aren’t like they used to be. These days, there is so much graphical capability, and such a huge amount of space to fill on hard drives and DVD-ROMs, that games developers can fill a game with gorgeous graphics and lots of long levels and yet miss out on the character and challenges you find in retro games.

The limitations of early home video gaming led to all kinds of quirky characters and stories. The TurboGraphx-16 was one of the era’s most quirky systems, and the games it played reflected that. Somer Assault is just this kind of game. Nothing you have played before can prepare you for the experience of being a pink, gun-toting slinky battling against beasts taking the form of the signs of the Zodiac, to help an evil sorceress control the world, but that’s Somer Assault. Let’s travel back the memory lane and beat the zodiac bosses with Somer Sault. When times were simpler and games could not easily downloaded in an instant but still as frustrating

Why is it Called ‘Somer Assault’?

The game was originally called Mesopotamia in its native Japan, but this makes no sense. The game is not set in an ancient, fertile land but in dungeons and ruins that are never truly located anywhere in time or space, the game just goes with it. You are a pink slinky with a gun after all.

Why was the game renamed Somer Assault? The name Mesopotamia didn’t make any sense, and American and European games publishers needed a different name to capture the imagination of the game players of the day, namely children. The slinky you control bounces and flips across the screen, performing somer saults, and so they made a simple play on words; Somer Assault.

What Makes Somer Assault a Good Retro Game to Play

There are many reasons to give Somer Assault a play. Retro games are notorious for their quirky characters and taxing gameplay, and Somer Assault covers these bases well.

You will get that retro feel the instant you start the game. The controls are simple and easy to pick up, a throw-back to the days when control pads had just two or three action buttons. The gameplay slowly gets more difficult, giving players time to perfect their technique and get used to the challenge before the bigger and more difficult beasts of the zodiac turn up.

How Do I Have a go Myself?

If you can find a working TurboGraphix-16 system, with a copy of Somer Assault ready to play, then count yourself very lucky. These systems and this game can be very difficult to find in good working order.

The best solution to most retro gaming is to look online. May retro games are free-to-play online or can be played for a small fee. Retro games are becoming more and more popular, and reproductions of old systems are being released all the time, like the mini-NES, mini-SNES, and mini-Genesis. It may only be a matter of time until a mini-TuboGraphx-16 is released, and hopefully with this pink slinky classic ready to play and installed. Retro games often provide more fun and challenging than newer offerings, which is why players keep going back to them. If you fancy some instant retro game memories, then you should take on the beasts of the zodiac in Somer Assault.

Is Gemini Lost a Win or Meh?

Looking to fill a little time? Getting bored and stir-crazy while on lockdown? Are you on the hunt for that intriguing, exciting, and entertaining new game to play? If so, Gemini Lost could just be what you’re after. Collect 12 zodiac artifacts and win at mini-games to unlock tasks as you go on an astrological adventure. Gemini Lost is a good little game to keep you entertained. Available in Steam.

So let’s take a closer look at Gemini Lost in Steam and determine if it’s a win or a meh.

The Game’s Premise and Story

As you first launch the game, the first things you’ll notice are the fun and cute graphics. The premise of this game is that your character is walking home with a group of friends one day when suddenly a beam of light shines from a mysterious and very unexpected solar eclipse. By following the light, you are led to an ancient astrological zodiac site. Without any warning, you are suddenly transported to a whole other world, and this is where the fun really begins.

In this new world, you find yourself completely stranded and you are thrown into the leader’s role of creating a brand new civilization.

Creating Your New Civilization

As you will quickly discover, there is a whole lot of work behind creating a new civilization. It’s up to you to gather such essentials as food and resources, you’ll need to build shelter, and then there is the scientific research that will allow you to learn about this strange new world.

Intertwined with the storyline and challenges are plenty of zodiac and astrological references, making the game extra fun for any that are interested in these topics.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Needing to use those zodiac signs in order to determine couple compatibility
  • More than 50 trophies you can win
  • 9 workshops where you can use your workshop tools to build all kinds of things
  • Unlock new tasks through three mini games
  • Science upgrades
  • Puzzles to play that also unlock additional challenges, tools, and abilities
  • Zodiac artifacts that you will need to find as you explore

What About the System Requirements?

Then we’ve got the technical aspects of the game. In order to play this one, you’ll need Windows Vista or later if you use a Microsoft operating system. For Apple, make sure you have MAC Snow Leopard 10.6.3 or later.

Rating the Overall Experience

So, now that we’ve got all the basics covered, what’s the overall experience? If you’re looking for a game that has plenty of intrigue, challenges, cute characters, and a strong reliance on zodiac-themed mini games and features, then this could be a great option. The gameplay is smooth and fluid, relatively easy to figure out, and the graphics are fun and lively. It’s really easy to see how you could easily spend a long time playing this game as you kind of get sucked in and get caught up in the gameplay.

The Instant Revival of Okami For Modern Consoles

If you had a PlayStation 2 and did not play Okami when it was released back in 2006, then you are not alone. Millions of other players also missed out on this little gem for some unknown reason. However, thanks to Capcom finally managing to get it rereleased on modern consoles and PCs in December 2017, we can all rectify that mistake of missing out on the visual masterpiece, but only with better graphics and retouched animations.

Get lost in the majestic world of this based on Japanese zodiac. Get instant visual satisfaction with its majestic watercolor game design and astrological imageries. Okami is now available in different modern current generation platforms.

A Game Like No Other You Have Ever Played

There have been countless games set in the Japanese manga universe, while some, like the upcoming triple A title Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch, are more rooted in medieval Japan’s reality rather than fiction. However, no other game except Okami, in recent or past memory has managed to teleport players to the dreamy, mythological world of ancient japan in an instant like it did back in 2006.

Closely associated in visual art design and even the gameplay itself in Okami, is Japanese astrology and the culture’s intricate zodiac system. Before we get to the amazing, hand drawn visual design of the game soon, it is important that a new player understands the role which Japanese astrology and zodiac beliefs play in this game.

Japanese Astrology: The 13 Celestial Gods and their Respective Zodiac Brushes

What most western players often fail to realize and even the top reviewers of the gaming community missed out on when it came out back in 2006, is the fact that all those signs you draw with your right analog stick (mainly just shapes on your part), correspond to the various signs of Japanese astrology and their celestial zodiac signs.

As the player progresses with the Sun God Amaterasu, reborn as a magical white wolf, they will slowly gain access to the following zodiac brush powers, given to Amaterasu by the respective celestial Gods in Japanese astrology and East Asian zodiac:

  • Amaterasu (Wolf): Sunrise
  • Yomigami (Dragon): Rejuvenation
  • Tachigami (Mouse): Power Slash
  • Hanagami (The Three Monkeys): Greensprout
  • Bakugami (Boar): Cherry Bomb
  • Yumigami (Rabbit): Crescent
  • Nuregami  (Snake): Waterspout
  • Kazegami (Horse): Galestorm
  • Moegami (Rooster): Inferno
  • Kasugami (Sheep): Veil of Mist
  • Kabegam (Cat, only found in Vietnamese zodiac system in place of the Rat): Catwalk
  • Gekigami (Tiger): Thunderstorm
  • Itegami (Blizzard): Blizzard

Okami in Full HD and 4K is a Visual Delight

Although the game went a bit under the radar back in 2006, Okami got a lot of praise from everyone even back then for its utterly unique and absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn art style. However, when you play the remastered version on a 4K TV or even on a 1080p display, the vivid colors, the aesthetics, the animations, the amazingly matching soundtrack and the overall theme will take you to a dream-like version of old Japan in an instant. Whether you have played Okami before on the PlayStation 2 or not, the rereleased version from late 2017 deserves your attention once again, because you will not be disappointed.

Is Omega Zodiac Worth Your Time?

In the last decade, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPGs, have become one of the most popular types of games to play. They offer a balance of social gaming, playing, and chatting online with friends, and also give people a chance to develop an online character and build an online life in a virtual world.

Omega Zodiac has been around for a while now and was immediately popular with players. Time is the ultimate enemy of computer games, however, and as the years pass sometimes games can start to feel dated in gameplay and graphics. Has Omega Zodiac stood the test of time? Is this ancient odyssey still a game worth playing? Dive into the Greek Mythology with the MMORPG Omega Zodiac. Released in 2016, is the game still a win? Can it still go against recent releases of free-to-play games?

Still a Graphical Masterpiece

When this MMORPG was first released, the quality of its graphics was one of the standout features. Early reviewers had to stop and stare for a minute to take in all the detail and superior lighting effects.

This has helped the game stay looking fresh even years later. Though the backgrounds and scenery are simply done, they are still beautiful to look at and let the graphics engine concentrate on rendering the wonderful characters. As you adventure through ancient Greece, and the signs of the Zodiac, you will be given a feast for the eyes, worthy of any demi-god.

Gameplay This Good Never Gets Old

One of Omega Zodiac’s strongest components was its gameplay, and it is still as fluid, intuitive, and fun as ever.

The game and its online servers handle group chats and large party adventuring without any slowdown or lag, making it one of the best MMORPGs for socializing. Arguably the game’s best feature is still going strong and keeping the servers civil. Omega Zodiac has designated ‘Player Killing’ zones, or ‘PK Zones’. Battles are done in these areas, but there is no player-on-player kills possible outside these zones, cutting down on grief and increasing the game’s popularity and playability.

It Is Still Free-to-Play and Lots of Fun!

The best thing about Omega Zodiac is that it is free-to-play. What have you got to lose? This MMORPG is a win for any gamer.

Too many online games and MMORPGs force their players to pay a regular subscription to play, often on top of a game’s initial cost! Omega Zodiac is free-to-play and always has been. This has always helped keep the game popular, meaning there are always plenty of people to play with and interact with on its servers. Was is really astonishing is that a game with superior graphics and great gameplay doesn’t cost a penny to play.

Omega Zodiac has been entertaining players for years now, and by the looks of things today has many more years of playability ahead of it. The seemingly endless character customization, top quality graphics make this game a total win. Omega Zodiac is a free-to-play MMORPG that shouldn’t be missed!