Retro Games: Defeating the Zodiac Bosses in Somer Assault

Video games these days just aren’t like they used to be. These days, there is so much graphical capability, and such a huge amount of space to fill on hard drives and DVD-ROMs, that games developers can fill a game with gorgeous graphics and lots of long levels and yet miss out on the character and challenges you find in retro games.

The limitations of early home video gaming led to all kinds of quirky characters and stories. The TurboGraphx-16 was one of the era’s most quirky systems, and the games it played reflected that. Somer Assault is just this kind of game. Nothing you have played before can prepare you for the experience of being a pink, gun-toting slinky battling against beasts taking the form of the signs of the Zodiac, to help an evil sorceress control the world, but that’s Somer Assault. Let’s travel back the memory lane and beat the zodiac bosses with Somer Sault. When times were simpler and games could not easily downloaded in an instant but still as frustrating

Why is it Called ‘Somer Assault’?

The game was originally called Mesopotamia in its native Japan, but this makes no sense. The game is not set in an ancient, fertile land but in dungeons and ruins that are never truly located anywhere in time or space, the game just goes with it. You are a pink slinky with a gun after all.

Why was the game renamed Somer Assault? The name Mesopotamia didn’t make any sense, and American and European games publishers needed a different name to capture the imagination of the game players of the day, namely children. The slinky you control bounces and flips across the screen, performing somer saults, and so they made a simple play on words; Somer Assault.

What Makes Somer Assault a Good Retro Game to Play

There are many reasons to give Somer Assault a play. Retro games are notorious for their quirky characters and taxing gameplay, and Somer Assault covers these bases well.

You will get that retro feel the instant you start the game. The controls are simple and easy to pick up, a throw-back to the days when control pads had just two or three action buttons. The gameplay slowly gets more difficult, giving players time to perfect their technique and get used to the challenge before the bigger and more difficult beasts of the zodiac turn up.

How Do I Have a go Myself?

If you can find a working TurboGraphix-16 system, with a copy of Somer Assault ready to play, then count yourself very lucky. These systems and this game can be very difficult to find in good working order.

The best solution to most retro gaming is to look online. May retro games are free-to-play online or can be played for a small fee. Retro games are becoming more and more popular, and reproductions of old systems are being released all the time, like the mini-NES, mini-SNES, and mini-Genesis. It may only be a matter of time until a mini-TuboGraphx-16 is released, and hopefully with this pink slinky classic ready to play and installed. Retro games often provide more fun and challenging than newer offerings, which is why players keep going back to them. If you fancy some instant retro game memories, then you should take on the beasts of the zodiac in Somer Assault.

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