The Instant Revival of Okami For Modern Consoles

If you had a PlayStation 2 and did not play Okami when it was released back in 2006, then you are not alone. Millions of other players also missed out on this little gem for some unknown reason. However, thanks to Capcom finally managing to get it rereleased on modern consoles and PCs in December 2017, we can all rectify that mistake of missing out on the visual masterpiece, but only with better graphics and retouched animations.

Get lost in the majestic world of this based on Japanese zodiac. Get instant visual satisfaction with its majestic watercolor game design and astrological imageries. Okami is now available in different modern current generation platforms.

A Game Like No Other You Have Ever Played

There have been countless games set in the Japanese manga universe, while some, like the upcoming triple A title Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch, are more rooted in medieval Japan’s reality rather than fiction. However, no other game except Okami, in recent or past memory has managed to teleport players to the dreamy, mythological world of ancient japan in an instant like it did back in 2006.

Closely associated in visual art design and even the gameplay itself in Okami, is Japanese astrology and the culture’s intricate zodiac system. Before we get to the amazing, hand drawn visual design of the game soon, it is important that a new player understands the role which Japanese astrology and zodiac beliefs play in this game.

Japanese Astrology: The 13 Celestial Gods and their Respective Zodiac Brushes

What most western players often fail to realize and even the top reviewers of the gaming community missed out on when it came out back in 2006, is the fact that all those signs you draw with your right analog stick (mainly just shapes on your part), correspond to the various signs of Japanese astrology and their celestial zodiac signs.

As the player progresses with the Sun God Amaterasu, reborn as a magical white wolf, they will slowly gain access to the following zodiac brush powers, given to Amaterasu by the respective celestial Gods in Japanese astrology and East Asian zodiac:

  • Amaterasu (Wolf): Sunrise
  • Yomigami (Dragon): Rejuvenation
  • Tachigami (Mouse): Power Slash
  • Hanagami (The Three Monkeys): Greensprout
  • Bakugami (Boar): Cherry Bomb
  • Yumigami (Rabbit): Crescent
  • Nuregami  (Snake): Waterspout
  • Kazegami (Horse): Galestorm
  • Moegami (Rooster): Inferno
  • Kasugami (Sheep): Veil of Mist
  • Kabegam (Cat, only found in Vietnamese zodiac system in place of the Rat): Catwalk
  • Gekigami (Tiger): Thunderstorm
  • Itegami (Blizzard): Blizzard

Okami in Full HD and 4K is a Visual Delight

Although the game went a bit under the radar back in 2006, Okami got a lot of praise from everyone even back then for its utterly unique and absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn art style. However, when you play the remastered version on a 4K TV or even on a 1080p display, the vivid colors, the aesthetics, the animations, the amazingly matching soundtrack and the overall theme will take you to a dream-like version of old Japan in an instant. Whether you have played Okami before on the PlayStation 2 or not, the rereleased version from late 2017 deserves your attention once again, because you will not be disappointed.

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